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Ted Panebianco
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Gary Fuisz
John Millinghausen
Francesca Panebianco
Brian Chickey
Annette Sigley
Scott Sigley
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Woody Saylor
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Stan Poplawski
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Bob Knopf
Scott Grant
Lou Gabriel
Curt Saeger
Greg Bealer
Mike Sophy
Ed Mangold
Kurt Cannon
Mark Snyder
Stephanie Erie
Ray Ballinger
Jim Henshaw

Special Thanks

William Hessnan III
Jeff & Liz Goldstein
Mary Schadt
Jessica Madison
Fred L. Saracino
Jim & Anne McCullough
Gary & Maggie Frantz
Jim & Marion Gewartowski
Rev. John P. Murphy
Lisa Abdalla Interiors
Bob & Kathy Donatelli
The Winfield Foundation
Sylvia Pituch
Joseph Pintande V
Ed Kushma II
Tom & Deb Rex
Ray & Mary Farrell
Jay H. Gilbert Services, LLC
Bob & Lorie Sugra
Dr. Thomas McKee
Pete & Jan Sipple
Ted & Suzanne Lyons
Tony & Maureen Parassio
Melinda Slonaker
Mary Knopf
Augie & Maria Fix
Michael Torbert
Wells Family Partners LP
Ed & Pat Mullin
Jane Sonne
Linda Lanshe
Geraldine Viola & Chris Yusko
Mark & Anne Kuna
Jim & Sue Cummings
JJ Kelly Services, LLC

The 16th Annual Bill Sugra
Memorial Golf Outing
Thank You!


Thank you from the 16th Annual Bill Sugra Memorial Golf Outing. Even though a decade has now passed, we still find it so hard to believe our son is no longer with us. As difficult as that is, we realize that we must continue to keep his memory alive by helping others. We are so fortunate and blessed to have family and friends like you to support us in this endeavor by participating in today's event. Our family is humbled and honored by each of you for your participation.

It does our hearts good to have you all here and helping the Bill Sugra Memorial Fund to reach out to make a difference in the lives of needy and disadvantaged people. Thanks to your support and love, we have given over $675,902 to many organizations and individuals over 16 years.

On behalf of our family and our dear son, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all of you. Without your participation, we would not have been able to help so many in their time of need.

It also takes a number of people to organize an event like this and we would like to acknowledge their efforts: Gregg Blaha our event manager for his expertise and hard work for putting this outing together; Bruce Aldinger – organizing the silent auction items; Sam Jarvis for his great ideas and invaluable assistance as committee member; Allegra Marketing Print Mail Lehigh Valley for donating their printing and mailing services; Rodger Zellner from Green Pond Country Club for hosting the event; Embrace your dreams and Peter Fuller, Bethlehem Housing Authority , Robbie Robinson, Rick Kline and John Kulhamer for their contributions to the morning event;Father Dan Gambet, President Emeritus of DeSales University for his support and being chairperson, spiritual leadership and unending energy; Monsignor John Murphy for his unwavering support and being an integral part of our committee, and Chris Birkhead for his commitment, dedication, support and serving as chairperson; Mickey Jarvis for her time in helping to coordinate our volunteers, Sue Kerwin with registration, Jen and Geri for being our peppy, cute photographers: and all of our friends and family who surround us with their love. A special thank you to Tracy for making the video of precious memories of past golf outings,September 11th and our dear son.

We also very much appreciate the work of all our volunteers whose efforts make this event run so smoothly

A special thank you to our daughter, Tracy & her husband Steven for their love, support, and encouragement. Their precious children Reagan Sara , and Tripp William, fill their proud grandparents' hearts with joy. Also, Bill, our dear son, who I know is smiling down on us and helping us in more ways than you can imagine. He gives us the strength to go on.

We would also like to recognize the sponsors for their contributions for this years outing, in particular; Scott Mazda & Scott Chevrolet , Dunne Manning, Inc. (Title Sponsors) Plumbers Union -Local 690 (Platinum Sponsor) and Allegra Marketing Print Mail Lehigh Valley (Platinum Sponsor),), Jim & Lynne Finnegan (Platinum Sponsor) . One Financial Services , LLC ( Platinum Sponsor) Special Thanks:

Special Thanks:

Thank you one and all.

September 11th was such a senseless and devastating tragedy for all of us. Although difficult, it is important to focus our energy from our sorrow and helplessness on the future. As a family, we have chosen to give September 11th some meaning by doing something good for others.

We couldn’t do anything to help Bill during his time of need, but we can continue to help others today in their time of need. Bill was a quiet person, but constantly strived to improve himself and reach out to help others. As we join together today, we become the power of one to reach out and help others in our son’s name. Only through this spirit will the outing continue to be a true success. Thank you for helping to continue his selfless spirit and making a difference in someone else’s life.

Hope you enjoyed your day and look forward to seeing all of you next year. Mark your calendars for next year's golf outing: August 24, 2018 at Green Pond Country Club.

God bless,

Bill, El, Steven & Tracy

Gifts in Kind

  • Youell's Oyster House
  • Christian Filipos

  • Kuhnsville Car Wash

  • Muhlenberg College Theatre & Dance
  • Vivian Cruz-Rivera


  • Putt U Miniature Golf

  • Brookside Country Club
  • Melissa Welsh/ Michael Kuebler

  • Hursh's Landscaping, Inc.
  • Brian & Shawn Marie Hursh

  • Giant Food Store
  • Bill Ducoin

  • Grille 3501
  • SJ & Tanya Jarvis

  • Fairgrounds Hotel LLC
  • Dominic Germano

  • Bell Hall
  • Maggie Prorok

  • Italiano Delite Ristorante
  • Tony Mannino

  • Civic Theatre of Allentown
  • Alan Raisman

  • Pie's On Pizzeria

  • Lehigh University

  • P.J.Whelihan's Pub Allentown
  • Hillary Guay

  • Buckeye Tavern on Brookside
  • Lauren Kleman


  • Gio's Italian Grill
  • Gina & Tony DiMaio

  • Cali Burrito
  • Shawn McHugh

  • The Great Allentown Fair
  • Terri Schwenk/Bonnie Brocious

  • Shangy's The Beer Authority
  • Nima Hadian/Linda Young

  • The Brass Rail
  • Mark Sorrentino

  • The Chicken Lounge
  • August Moore

  • Outback Steakhouse
  • Lynn Tazji

  • Dorneyville Beverage
  • Carol & Gary Greenawalt

  • The Paperbag
  • Liz Richmond

  • Hops Fogelsville Hotel
  • Scott Hoppe/ Carol Hoppe

  • Hops at the Paddock
  • Scott Hoppe/ Carol Hoppe

  • Mike Guman

  • Louie's Restaurant
  • Louie Belletieri

  • Superior Restaurant & Lounge


  • Jack Callaghan's Ale House, LCC
  • Chris Chaya


  • Rodizio Grill the Brazilian Steakhouse
  • Pedro Cardozo


  • Volpe's Sports Bar
  • Bob Volpe

  • Frank Naab

  • Carrabba's Italian Grill
  • Ruth Carbone

  • Stoned Crab
  • Philip Elgin

  • Lowe's
  • Bob Pretorius

  • The Home Depot -Whitehall
  • Carol Mertz

  • Keystone Pub & Grill
  • Paul Smith

  • Bonefish Grill
  • Martin Kempfe

  • Red Lobster
  • Leann Hofer

  • The Spa at McCann
  • Samantha Bases

  • Target
  • Sarah Howland

  • The Rose Group Applebee's Marketing


  • Phoebe Floral & Home Décor
  • Jack Robinson

  • The Art & Frame Shop
  • Mary Gallo/Cheryl Baran

  • Blue House Grill
  • Randy Wojcicki

  • Hotel Bethlehem




Scott Mazda &
Scott Chevrolet
Dunne Manning Inc.


Plumbers Union Local 690
Jim & Lynne Finnegan
One Financial Services, LLC
Allegra Marketing Print Mail Lehigh Valley


Keystone Savings Foundation
Micro- Matic USA, John Soler
Chris & Mary Birkhead
Knopf's Gang


HMK Insurance-Chris Birkhead
City Center Allentown


Tony & JoJo Muir
The Spadaro Family
Service Electric-Mark Walter
Barb Bottitta LV Home Expert LLC


Ed & Kathy Kaufmann
Gary & Maggie Frantz
J.S.Burkholder Funeral Home, Inc.
Anthony & Sandy Abdalla
Kathy Flannery
Albarell Electric, Inc
Josh Early Candies, Inc.
A.B.E. Doors , Inc.
Tom & Margie Kirsch
Tom & Gayle Cichocki
Roger P. Sell, Inc
Seng & Ellie Tan
Jim Wishchuk Attorney At Law
Jay & Paulette Stiver
Chuck & Carol Collins
Lehigh Valley Center for Sight, P.C.
O'Donnell Funeral Home, Inc.
H.T. Lyons, Inc
Bobby Gunther Walsh
Alvin H. Butz, Inc.
Walt & Florence Kowalewski
Schlofer Auto Body
Jim Martin, District Attorney
Steven, Tracy, Reagan & Tripp
City Center Allentown
Teamsters Local 773
Tighe Orthodontics Chuck & Joann Kelly

Kid Sponsors

Anthony & Sandy Abdalla
Dave & Linda Wuerstle
Charley & Joann Kelley
Cathy's Creative Catering
Mike & Donna Bucko
Isabel Nolan
Diana Spengler-In Memory of
  Adam & Gary Spengler
Frank & Carol Millets
Phil & Deb Turton
Gary & Maggie Frantz
Roger & Linda Sell
Ruth Sell
Bob & Rene Harold
Jack & Sandy Siplak
Jim & Margie Snoke
Mike & Renee Kazarnowicz
Tom & Rhonda Dalla Palu
Pete & Mary Kerr
Luke & Amy Boltz
Jen Normand
Ted & Rose Eschner
Rob & Jessica Ruisch
Jay & Paulette Stiver
Bob & Bonnie Krause
Steven Farnesi
Bob & Jackie Zobb
Bill Straccia
Mary Schadt
Tom & Claire DeFazio
Ellen Jane Laurilliard/
   Anne T Van Zelst
Dave & Nancy Reppert
Mike & Lori Sugra
William Hesnan III
Deb & Gary Kolp
Mike Younger
Schlofer Auto Body
Chuck & Kathy Dzielawa
Chuck & JoAnn Kelly

2016 Golf Tournament Volunteers

Elaine Anderson
Karen Bailey
Amy Boltz
Barb Borgioni
Carol Collins
Chuck Collins
Matt Croslis
Louise Davis
Cindy Dotter
Mike Engler
Michelle Fischl
Sandy Fischl
Walt Fischl
Dale Gardner
Bonnie Hardner
Carl Hardner
Julie Harkal
Donna Hersch
Mickey Jarvis
Sam Jarvis
Steven Kauffman
Sue Kerwin
Loretta Knepp
Mary Knopf
Linda Lanshe
Doe Levan
Jen Mangold
Patti Mertz
Diane Moeser
Jen Normand
Shawn O’Keefe
Tammi Quigley
Erik Ridley
Brianna Ridley
Courtney Ridley
Nick Salezze
Linda Sell
Reagan Sell
Roger Sell
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Tracy Sell
Tripp Sell
Margie Snoke
Nate Snoke
Tammi Snoke
Jane Sonne
Kathleen Sterner
Maureen Steward
Edie Tatum
Julie Timmke
Charmaine Turk
Geraldine Viola